• Demodexil series

    CRAFT LABORATORIES researchers found demodex in the hair follicles of people with thinning hair which can adversely affect the condition of hair ...

  • Optimal series

    Our integrated team of sophisticated researchers and chemists combined with the hair industry clinical experience of internationally professional hair stylist leads to a ...

  • De Villa Series

    CRAFT ORGANIX believe that nature is humanity most precious asset and the CRAFT ORGANIX collection represents their effort towards sustainable development ...

Craft Customer testimonials

Before & After treatments

Mr Kenny Tan

(45 yrs, DHT + Oily Hairloss)



Mr Ronnie

(38 yrs, Stress + Oily Hairloss)



Ms Jenny Lim

(36 yrs, Alopecia Areata)



Mr Eric Hui

(40 yrs, Hereditary Hairloss)



Madam Chin
(46 yrs, Pathology Hairloss)
Ms Kim Choo
(57 yrs, Dry + Sensitive Scalp)
Mr Samuel
(32 yrs, Oily scalp + Telogen Eff.)
Mr Patrick
(33 yrs, Oily scalp Hairloss)
Craft's product help customers to tackles and solve the root cause of the hair problems. Through years of extensive research and clinical studies in the science of hair growth by Craft Laboratories, they developed and tested a whole range of hair and scalp products for hair loss problems, baldness and scalp disorders. Results proven for your hair loss problems with Craft Scalp Optimal product & therapy ...
Mr. Michael Poh Managing Director, Hairzone by Michael Poh
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